About Group

Navid 21 Century Group was established since 1999 in the field of high voltage equipment supply, electrical engineering and trading under the management of Mr.Eng.Navid Rezaei and accompanying exoert commercial – engineering team. Some part of our group activities and services are procurement, engineering, implementation and installation. In addition to high technical and engineering ability of our group, we have expert commercial proficiency. Our featured characteristic like as ongoing attendance in the market, more than 2 decade of brilliant experience and successful background, make Navid Group companies as the prominent and valuable companies in Iran and Middle East. Beside Industrial and commercial activities, cultural and educational affairs and the requirements of this field always be an important matter for the chairman of this group, so under consideration of Mr.Eng.Navid Rezaei and refer to the good potential of this group, we are doing good activities for educating and training of children and adolescent in the field of art and creation.

This group includes four companies as bellow:

1) Orkid Kala Energy Co: This Company works in procurement of high voltage equipment for transmission & distribution over headline.

2) Navid Tejarat Co: This Company works in the field of general trading and marketing especially papers & stationery.

3) Navid Niroo Engineering Co: This Company works in the field of educating and training art and creation for children and adolescent.

4) Navid Donyaye Khalaghyat: This Institute actives in the field of educating and training art and creation for children and adolescent.

With respect to more than 2 decade experience in successfully completing grate industrial projects based on our high technical and commercial ability, Navid Group Companies are ready to serve different clien requests.

Direct contact with the Chairman of Group:

Mr.Eng.Navid Rezaei

Tel: +98 (21)2222 3818

Fax:+98 (21)2225 6927